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In my experience …

“Respect is commanded

 can never be demanded

 nor can it be bought”

 is the lesson I learned

 in my growing years discerned

 and it was, as it was taught.


 So, I took it as truth

 yes, the absolute truth

 and the lesson was well served

 for with the people I interacted

 respect was attracted

 if and only if deserved.


 Now respect’s become a commodity

 and lawlessness not a liability

 all is needed is purchasing power

 and high regard will follow

 from the sycophant and the shallow

 for lucre is a sure guarantor.


Mobocracy has become acceptable,

the assailant, respectable

while the lawful has become suspect

the honest are disparaged

their integrity ravaged (demolished)

and the crook’s given respect.

Criminals are assured protection

against them are brooked no objection

crime-busters, instead, are set aside

sycophancy is rewarded

compliance is awarded

and trouble-makers are given a berth wide.


The powerful cannot be censured

what’s to be read is now censored

report friendly or get axed

be nothing but a puppet

Got intellect? Stuff it!

independence gets you sacked.


I cry for you Calcutta

as you face this confounding trauma

I cry for you West Bengal

once the land of the independent thinker

(who’d envision them in the ‘clinker’! [jail])

now being disrobed of that wherewithal. (ability)




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It was never going to be an ordinary day…

It was never going to be an ordinary day

every fiber of her being screamed, “Don’t go, stay!”

But the words, she did not say out loud

for who would believe, her premonition unsound.


From that window ledge, her favourite seat

she watched security go on hastened feet

till all that was left was the empty path

and the sense of doom, loomed tall and dark.


Down that deserted path she unblinkingly did stare

as if to will her mother to be aware

of the danger of leaving her alone

in the confines of the home.


With flickering hope she knelt to pray

faith, was now her only main-stay

would iniquity win, as it did everyday

or would her God ‘Be Magnified’ today?


The minutes into hours, did slowly meld

the shadows lengthened, then for a time held

and that dreaded sound her ears pierced

the drunken footsteps, of that one accursed.


Fear, suddenly left her heart

determination now took its part

today the iniquitous would meet death

and she would live without regret.


Hastily, she got off her knees

swiftly, the steel paper knife she seized

turned just as her tormentor at her lunged

and in his black heart, the knife she plunged.


Then as swiftly she moved away

for his massive frame began to sway

and then toppled face-down on the bed

at the impact, the knife did deeply embed.


He jerked upright then backwards fell

onto the floor caught in death’s knell

flailing wildly at his chest

where the knife into his heart pressed.


He lay there, in the throes of death

painfully drawing on his breath

blood pooling where he lay

as his life slowly ebbed away.


And cowering in the shadows she vacantly stared

in the general direction of his head

and what she felt at first, was a rush of relief

finally came the numbness on the heels of dis-belief.


For long she sat in that crouched pose

till dawn broke, then agitated she rose

to relive the horror in her mind

of a childhood lost to that fiend.


He dared do the unethical deed

showed scant respect for the fruit of his seed

believing there would be repercussions none

a cover-up would be the only outcome.


Yes, it can never be an ordinary day

for ten years of enslavement ended that day

only to be replaced by bondage of another kind

her incarceration was sure, for justice is blind.



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