About Me

Put pen to paper and it’s a breeze

Can express myself with fluid ease.

Be it prose or poetry

The message is given with clarity.


But if the same I choose to speak

Right words, I have to laboriously seek.

Of words to express, my brain gets fraught

And my tongue gets tied up in knots.


An arid desert in my mouth gets placed

With not a speck of spittle it is laced.

Garbled sounds from my voice box emit

That lack in wisdom and in wit.


Now while I’m as garrulous as any around

It’s in writing, not in sound.


Hi! I’m Jacqui, an idealist, free thinker, poet, logical being (yes, pretty logical)

who strives for positive change in attitude towards womankind in particular

& the world in general.  

I am sensitive and psychically receptive to other people’s hurts.  

I aim to inspire, motivate and encourage reason so as to make the world

a better place for humankind to live in. 

I free-lance as a Computer Educator and mentor to those who believe ‘you are never too old to learn’.  



One response to “About Me

  1. Jacinta Rao

    June 7, 2014 at 2:39 am

    Your verse shows you have a way with words! Keep it up.


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